Sensor and Instrumentation Accessories

Maintenance kits, installation hardware, cable assemblies and more.


Sensorex sensors and instrumentation accessories includes maintenance kits, installation hardware, cable assemblies and more.

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Model NumberAccessory TypeDescription
CAL-C110SimulatorpH / ORP Simulator, High Impedence
CAL-CX2CableCable for C110, Connector = BNC/
CAL-CX2/EA899CableCable for C110 to EA899/EA899TC
CAL-CX2/S855CableCable for C110 to S853/S855
CLDA-5016Membrane CapCLO2 membrane cap, Ver 5, 1 ea.
CLDA-5017Polishing SquaresCLD Cathode Polishing Squares (3)
CLDA-5018Maintenance KitMaintenance Kit for CLD Ver 5
CLDA-7001Reagent StripsGlycine Reagent Strips for CLO2 Testing
DA-GLE1AmplifierDiff Amp, Ground Loop Eliminator
DA-GLE120Grounding SensorGrounding Sensor, 12mm,10ft, 3.5mm Phono
DA-GLE275Grounding SensorGrounding Sensor,3/4 NPT,10ft,3.5mmPhono
DO1200-CAPReplacement CapReplacement Cap for DO1200, HDPE or PTFE
DO1200-KITReplacement CapReplacement Cap (HDPE or PTFE) & Refill
DO6050Maintenance KitDO6400 Maint. Kit, HDPE or PTFE, (5)
DO6051Maintenance KitDO6400 Maint. Kit, HDPE or PTFE, (25)
DO6052Maintenance KitKit, DO Sensor Misc Parts
DO6054MembranesDO6400 Membranes, HDPE or PTFE, 25/Pk
DO7050Maintenance KitDO7400 Maint. Kit, HDPE or PTFE, (5)
DO7051Maintenance KitDO7400 Maint. Kit, HDPE or PTFE, (25)
EA890Adapter - ElectricalS8000, TNC to BNR Connector Adapter
EA891Adapter - ElectricalS8000, TNC to 8 Pin Din Adapter
EA897TCHolderATC Sensor Holder, TC
EA898TCHolderS8000, ATC Sensor Holder, Non-Metallic
EA899HolderS8000, Sensor Holder, Non-ATC,Ground Pin
EA899TCHolderS8000, ATC Sensor Holder, TC=
EA899TC/P1KHolderS8000, ATC Sensor Holder, TC=P1K
EA899TC/PT1HolderS8000, ATC Sensor Holder, TC=PT1
EM800AmplifierS8000, Unity Gain Amplifier (pH Amp)
EM801AmplifierS8000, Module, Diff Amp
EM802-ORPTransmitterS8000, 4-20mA Blind ORP Transmitter
EM802-PHTransmitterS8000, 4-20mA Blind pH Transmitter
FC45CDetectorpH Detector, 200 microliter
FC47CDetectorpH Detector, 50 microliter
FC49KFlow CellFlow Cell, 50 ul, PVDF
FC50CInstallation Kit12mm Sensor, 1/2" NPT Install Kit w/ Tee
FC50PInstallation Fitting12mm Sensor, 1/2" NPT Install Fitting
FC51KFlow CellS450C Flow Cell, 200 ul, PVDF
FC51PInstallation FittingS450 1/2" NPT Install Fitting
FC66CInstallation KitInstall Kit, 3/4" NPT,for S660 and DA660
FC66PInstallation FittingInstall Fitting 3/4" NPT, S660 and DA660
FC66TCInstallation KitATC Install Kit, w/ 3/4" NPT+Cable, S660
FC67CInstallation KitInstall Kit, 1" NPT, for S661 and DA661
FC67PInstallation FittingInstall Fitting, 1" NPT, S661 and DA661
FC67TCInstallation KitATC Install Kit, w/ 1" NPT & Cable, S661
FC68CInstallation KitATC Install Kit, w/ 2" NPT & Cable, S662
FC68PInstallation FittingInstall Fitting, 2" NPT, S662 and DA662
FC68TCInstallation KitATC Install Kit, w/ 2" NPT & Cable, S662
FC71PInstallation FittingInstall Fitting, 3/4" NPT, for S450
FC72Flow CellFCL & CLD Flow Cell
FC75CInstallation Kit12mm Sensor 3/4" NPT Install Kit w/ Tee
FC75PInstallation Fitting12mm Sensor 3/4" NPT Install Fitting
FC75TCInstallation KitS222 3/4" ATC Install Kit w/ Tee & Cable
FC800Flow CellS8000 Flow Cell, 1 1/2" Slip CPVC
FC805ReducerFC800 w/ 1" NPT Threaded Reducer Glued
FC806ReducerFC800 w/ 1" Slip/Socket Reducer Glued
FC875/SFlow CellFlow Cell S8000, 3/4" x 3/4" Slip CPVC
FC875/TFlow CellFlow Cell S8000, 3/4" x 3/4" NPT CPVC
FC95CFlow CellTCS3000 Series Flow Cell, 2" Slip
FCLA-4016Membrane CapFCL4 Replacement Membrane Cap
FCLA-4026Membrane CapFCL402D, 405D & 410D Membrane Cap
FCLA-5016Membrane CapFCL5 Membrane Cap + Band, (1)
FCLA-5017Polishing SquaresFCL Cathode Polishing squares (3)
FCLA-5018Maintenance KitFCL5 Maint. Kit, Version 5
FCLA-7000Chlorine Test KitChlorine Test Kit, Photometer + Reagents
FCLA-7001Test StripsOPD-1 Reagent Strips, 100/Bottle
FCLA-7002Test StripsFree Chlorine High Range Test Strips
FCLA-7004Test StripsTest Strips for FCLA-7000, 100/Bottle
FCLA-7005Test StripsChlorine Test Strips for FCLA-7000
FCLA-7006Test StripspH Test Strips for FCLA-7000, 100/Bottle
FM001Flow MeterFlow Meter, 0.1-1.0 gpm (.5-4.0Lpm)
GS962GasketViton Gasket for S600 Series, 1each
INSA-012Insertion TubeInsertion Tube, S675, 570148
INSA-012KInsertion TubeInsertion Tube, S675K, PVDF 570080
INSA-012TCInsertion TubeInsert Tube for S675,
INSA-012TKInsertion TubeInsert Tube for S675K,
INSA-018Insertion TubeInsertion Tube, S676, 570085
INSA-024Insertion TubeS677 Insertion Tube 24", 570086
INSA-024TCInsertion TubeS677 Insert Tube SubAssy-
INSA-AB171Adapter - BodyAdapter Body, 170171A
INSA-CC111CableCable Connection, S675, 270111
INSA-CL131SealS675 Compress Seal & Insert Clamp,270131
INSA-NUT111NutS675 White Slip Nut, 270121
INSA-NUT121NutS675 White Slip Nut, 270121
INSA-NUT205NutPOM Nut for S675K & S675TK
INSA-OR126O-RingO-Ring ,FKM, Brown, 270126
INSA-OR151O-RingO-Ring for PG234 in S675K & S675TK
INSA-PG170GlandPacking Gland, S675, 170170D
INSA-RET162RetainerRetainer, Stainless, 170162
LPM100Electronic DisplayLoop Powered 4-20mA Transmitter - UVT-SW
LPMA-002Electronic DisplayPipe Mount Hardware for LPM100 - UVT-SW
OR403O-RingO-Ring, Black FKM for DO6000, 270403
PA-EC1AmplifierPreamp Used w/ ECD/GF Signet, Model=
PA-GF9030AmplifierPreamp Used w/GF Signet 9030
PA-GL90AAmplifierPreamp Used w/ GLI/Hach, Model=
PA-GL90BAmplifierPreamp used w/ GLI/Hach, Model=
PA-LIAAmplifierPreamp used w/ Lakewood Instr., Model=
PA-SDIAmplifierPreamp used w/ Rosemount, Model=
PA-SSAAmplifierPreamp used w/ GF Signet, Model=
PA-SSA2AmplifierPreamp used w/ GF Signet, Model=
PA-TBAAmplifierPreamp used w/ TBI Bailey, Model=
PA-U2587AmplifierPreamp used w/ Rosemount/Uniloc, Model=
PA-U698-03AmplifierPreamp for Rosemount/Uniloc /TBI, Model=
PA-UVAAmplifierPreamp used w/ Rosemount/Uniloc, Model=
PA-V1AmplifierPreamp for Foxboro/Honeywell/L&N, Model=
PA-V1-LNAmplifierPreamp used w/ L&N 7076 or 7079
PA-V2AmplifierPreamp used w/ Invensys/Foxboro, Model=
PHAMP-1AmplifierPreamp, Battery Power, Reduce Noise
PHMATransmitterpH Transmitter, 4-20mA, Blind
S647CableATC Cable Assembly
S653CableS600 Series Cable, CPVC,Quick Disconnect
S653/10/BNCCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, 10ft(3M), BNC
S653/10/BTDCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC,10ft(3M),BTD BNC
S653/10/TLCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, 10ft(3M), TL
S653/20/BNCCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, 20ft, BNC
S653/20/BTDCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, 20ft ,BTD BNC
S653/20/TLCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, 20ft, TL
S653KCableCable Assembly -
S653KWCableS600 Series ATC Cable, PVDF, Waterproof
S653TCCableS600 Series ATC Cable, CPVC
S653TCWCableS600 Series ATC Cable, CPVC, Waterproof
S653TKCableS600 Series ATC Cable, PVDF
S653WCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, Waterproof
S653W/10/BNCCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, WP, 10ft, BNC
S653W/20/BNCCableS600 Series Cable, CPVC, WP, 20ft, BNC
S6600-ORP/10/BNCInline KitORP Sensor Inline, S660CD-ORP+FC66P+S653
S6600/10/BNCInline KitpH Sensor Inline Kit, S660CD+FC66P+S653
S675Insertion Kit12" Insertion Kit for S656, 1" NPT,CPVC
S675KInsertion Kit12" Insertion Kit for S656KD,1" NPT,PVDF
S675TCInsertion Kit12" ATC Insertion Kit for S656, 1",CPVC
S675TKInsertion Kit12" ATC Insertion Kit, 1",for S656K,PVDF
S676Insertion Kit18" Insertion Kit for S656, 1" Port,CPVC
S676TCInsertion Kit18" ATC Insertion Kit for S656, 1",CPVC
S677Insertion Kit24" Insertion Kit for S656, 1" Port,CPVC
S677TCInsertion Kit24" ATC Insertion Kit for S656, 1",CPVC
S6800pH KitKit, S656CD + S675 + S653/10ft/BNC
S8100-ORP/10/BNCOrp KitORP Sensor Sub. Kit, S8000+EA891+S853
S8100-ORP/10/TLOrp KitKit, S8000CD-ORP + EA891 + S853/10/TL
S8100/10/BNCpH KitpH Sensor Sub. Kit, S8000+EA891+S853
S8100/10/TLpH KitKit, S8000CD + EA891 + S853/10/TL
S8100TC/10/BNC/TLpH KitpH ATC Sub. Kit, S8000+EA899TC+S855
S8200-ORP/10/BNCOrp KitORP Inline Kit, S8000+EA899+FC875S+S853
S8200/10/BNCpH KitpH Inline Kit, S8000+EA899+FC875S+S853
S8300/10/BNCpH KitKit, S8000CD+EA899+FC875/T+S853/10/BNC
S8300/10/TLpH KitKit, S8000CD+EA899+FC875/T+ S853/10/TL
S853CableS8000 Cable, Quick Disconnect, Coax
S853/10/BNCCableS8000 Cable, Coax, 10ft, BNC
S853/10/TLCableS8000 Cable, Coax, 10ft, Tinned Leads
S853/20/BNCCableS8000 Cable, Coax, 20ft, BNC
S853/20/TLCableS8000 Cable, Coax, 20ft, Tinned Leads
S855CableS8000 ATC Cable, Quick Disconnect
S855/10/BNC/TLCableS8000 ATC Cable, 10ft, BNC/TL
S855/10/TL/TLCableS8000 ATC Cable, 10ft, TL/TL
S855/20/BNC/TLCableS8000 ATC Cable, 20ft, BNC/TL
S855/20/TL/TLCableS8000 ATC Cable, 20ft, TL/TL
SAM-1MonitorSmart Aqua Meter
SAM1-1500Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + S1500C/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-1500-K=1Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + CS1500TC-K=1/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-1750Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + S1750CD/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-2000Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + S2000C/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-2900Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + S2900C/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-5500Smart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1 + S5500C/SAM + SAMA-100
SAM1-HYDROSmart Aqua Meter KitKit, SAM-1+S2000C/SAM+CS1500TC-K=1/SAM+
SAM1-POOLSmart Aqua Meter KitKit,SAM-1+S2000C/SAM+S5500C/SAM+SAMA-1
SAMA-100CableCable for Sam-1, USB-A to 3.5mm Female
SDA-7001Salt BridgeSalt bridge for SD7000CD &-ORP, 1 each
SDA-7003Salt BridgeSalt bridge for SD7000CD & -ORP, 3 each
SDA-7010Salt BridgeSalt bridge for SD7000CD & -ORP, 10 each
SF1Fitting12mm Sensor SS 1" Triclover Fitting
SF2Fitting12mm Sensor SS 2" Triclover Fitting
TCS3200Toroidal Conductivity KitKit, TCS3020/P1K/20/TL + TCSMA + FC95C
TCS3300Toroidal Conductivity KitKit, TCS3020/P1K/20/TL + TCSTX + FC95C
UVT-LED-HMonitorHandheld UV Transmittance Monitor w/Acc
UVT-LED-PWMonitorProcess UV Transmittance Monitor
UVT-LED-SWMonitorSubmersible UV Transmittance Monitor
UVT-SW-001CableCable Assy for UVT-LED-SW, 10 m (33 ft)
UVT-SW-002CableCable Assy for UVT-LED-SW, 20 m (66 ft)
UVT-SW-003CableCable Assy for UVT-LED-SW, 30 m (99 ft)
UVT-SW-004Installation KitInstall Kit, Retrofit, UVT-LED-SW
UVT-SW-005Installation KitInstall Kit, New Installation, UVT-SW
UVT0001Carrying CaseCarrying Case for UVT-LED-H
UVT0002CableControl Panel Cable, 33ft for UVT-LED-PW
UVT0003CableControl Panel Cable, 66ft for UVT-LED-PW
UVT0004CableControl Panel Cable, 99ft for UVT-LED-PW
UVT0005Power SupplyPower Supply, World
UVT0006Power SupplyPower Supply, North America
UVT0008Installation KitInstall Kit, 316SS fitting (2") UVT-PW
UVT0009Installation KitInstall Kit, Stainless Steel Pipe UVT-PW
UVT0011Swab SticksAlcohol Swab Sticks, Qty 50
UVT0015Installation KitInstall Kit, Sanitary Flow Cell UVT-PW
UVT0021Installation KitInstall Kit, PVC Pipe (2") - UVT-PW
UVT0023Installation KitInstall Kit, PVC Flow Cell (2") - UVT-PW
UVT0024Installation KitInstall Kit, Sanitary FlowCell 2" UVT-PW