Chemical Mixer Station

Chemical Mixing Station assembled and mounted.

The Chemical Mixer Station is designed to blend chemicals with a water supply at a consistent rate as the flow changes.  As more spray bars, hose bibs, through valves or devices come on downstream, the flow rate will vary.  The chemical mixer station will ensure the chemical dose remains consistent throughout the flow range as operating conditions change.

Mixer Station Features

  • Variable flow rates with consistent mixing
  • Digital pushbutton or dial adjustment controls for easy to adjust feed rates
  • Simple to change parts means maintenance is a breeze
  • Versatility to mix PAA, chlorine and other gas-forming chemicals


  • Chemigation
  • Sanitation, sanitizer
  • Chlorination
  • pH adjust
  • Chemical mixing

Top Brand Components

  • LMI chemical metering pumps
  • Myron L handheld instruments, meters, controllers
  • Sensorex sensors and instrumentation
  • Seametrics flow control products
  • Yamada AODD pumps
  • Blue-White peristaltic pumps and flowmeter

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