MixMate™ Polymer Feed Systems

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Polymer Made Easy

The MixMate® Polymer Feed System is an easy to use, low-maintenance method of hydrating emulsion polymer using the kinetic work available in pressured city water – the system will produce nearly instant hydrated emulsion polymer ready for use.

Why choose Mixmate®?

  • No moving mechanical parts for simple operation.
  • Compact wall mounted units free up valuable floor space.
  • Units typically ship within one week for a quick turnaround.
  • Versatile systems hydrate emulsion polymer from 1.0% through 0.2% ranges with no limit to the volumes that can be hydrated.

A Three-Part Approach to Hydrating & Activating Emulsion Polymer

Polymer feed applications above 15 gallons per hour that do not require a 24-hour operation are a perfect fit for the Auto-Flushing MixMate™ system that offers the advantage of automatically flushing out the system prior to start-up and neat polymer introduction. At the end of the run but prior to the hard shutdown, the neat polymer pump is shut off but the MixMate™ continues to flush the system with water. After the system is flushed clean, the water valve is automatically shut down.


Polymer feed applications below 15 gallons per hour are ideal for the Automatic Benchmate System, which offers the advantage hydrating polymers at a know flowrate and sending them to the integral storage tank. A second metering pump will vary the polymer input into the system manually or via a 4-20mA signal.


Polymer systems that require 24/7 operation will benefit from a wall mounted MixMate™ and metering pump combination that hydrates emulsion polymers and convey them into the water system directly and continuously. While aging helps improve polymer efficiency, no aging is required for polymer exiting a MixMate™.


Our most popular Polymer Feed Systems, MixMate®, incorporate either one or two flowmeters to regulate the flow of the system water supply, followed by our unique Injection Module and a specially prepared Static Mixer. The flowmeters control primary make-up water flow or secondary dilution water when needed. The Injection Module converts pressure into workforce, speeds up the primary flow, atomizes the polymer (providing an emulsion break when called for), and is the first mixing stage of the system. The Static Mixer is the second of the two mixing stages, where the individually trimmed mixer elements help to minimize fouling while blending and re-seeding the product to activate it for your application.

Mixmate Polymer Feed Basic System
Mixmate Polymer Feed System with Flowmeters

Choosing The Right Mixmate® For Your Application

All Mixmate® systems can be specified to activate polymer from 1.0% down to 0.2% and in mL/minute, parts/million, or gallons/hour. The chart below will help you choose the best Mixmate® for your application.

Mixmate® Model% RangeWater GPMPolymer GPH | 50 PSIPolymer GPH | 70 PSIChem mL/min
M032-222-A2341.0 - 0.30.5 - 1.2
0.3 - 0.450.3 - 0.620.0 - 40.0
M032-323-A2341.0 - 0.31.0 - 2.40.6 - 0.90.6 - 1.240.0 - 80.0
M072-424-A2341.0 - 0.32.0 - 6.51.2 - 2.01.2 - 3.080.0 - 200.0
M102-725-A2351.0 - 0.34.0 - 12.02.5 - 3. 52.5 - 4.5150.0 - 285.0
M202-526-A2361.0 - 0.310.0 - 20.03.0 - 4.53.0 - 6.0200.0 - 400.0
M202-627-A2361.0 - 0.320.0 - 50.06.0 - 9.06.0 - 15.0400.0 - 1000.0
PPM/GPM Specifications
Mixmate® Model NumberWaste Stream GPM50100200400600800
PPM Polymer to GPM

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