Chemical Feed Products

Furrow Pump distributes chemical feed products from JL Wingert and LMI. These products are designed for glycol, disinfection, descaling, polymers and many other chemicals. Call 503-682-4411 today and talk with our application experts, who can assist with pump sizing, application troubleshooting, and operational challenges.

JL Wingert

J.L. Wingert Company manufactures products for the water, wastewater, and process water treatment industries. Products include:
  • Mixers
  • Separators and separator systems
  • Bypass feeders, filter feeders, bromine feeders
  • Corrosion Coupon racks
  • Glycol feed systems
  • Sample coolers and sludge traps
  • Tanks, tank stands, tank package systems
  • Control stations
  • NEMA enclosures
  • Custom packaged systems


LMI provides one of the most extensive lines of chemical metering pumps and controllers worldwide. Products are designed for flow proportional applications that can withstand slurries and high-viscosity chemicals. Product types include:
  • Solenoid pumps
  • Motor-driven pumps
  • Hazardous duty pump
  • Conductivity controllers
  • pH/ORP controllers
  • Intelligent control
Check out LMI's Chemical Resistance Guide to help choose the correct materials for your application.