Waste Treatment, pH Adjustment, and Monitoring

Each Plant is Different, Every Waste System is Different

Furrow Pump helps you identify unique plant challenges and then designs a system to solve those challenges, including stopping discharge if out of compliance, adjusting pH automatically, sounding alarms when attention is required, tank level adjustment.

Dual Pump System Example

Dual Tank pH System from Furrow Pump

System Monitoring

As more municipal discharge authorities clamp down on control of discharge pH from manufacturing plants, it’s important to have a system that will monitor, adjust, alarm, measure, and record all the data.

Furrow Pump can help with the design, equipment, and operator training. Whether making improvements to the existing system or starting from scratch, A well-designed system will help ensure discharge permit compliance, eliminating fines and saving operators’ time

Data Recording

  • Save money by analyzing overfeed to decrease chemical use.
  • Troubleshoot data to reduce downtime.
  • Improve compliance and lessen fines by identifying the root cause of spikes.


  • Tank level, pH out of spec, and other alarms can be emailed or texted to operations, managers, dispatch or any remote device to ensure issues are handled in a timely manner.

Report Generation

  • Simplify end of month reporting with report download feature.
  • Auto receive an email at the end of the month with full data.
Waste Plant Operation Report from Furrow Pump

Let us design the best system for your application.

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