Water Treatment Systems

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MixMate™ Polymer Feed System

MixMate™ Polymer Feed System panel assembled and ready to be shipped.

The MixMate® Polymer Feed System is an engineered product of proven mechanical design that activates and blends polymers into water. It has a two-stage mixing system that provides the necessary energy of activation to prepare a polymer for efficient use, and it does it for a very affordable price. Most of us don’t need the complication of an elaborate and expensive system that fouls easily and is difficult to clean. Give the Mixmate system a try – you’ll be amazed by its guaranteed performance.

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Chlorine Analyzer

Completed fabrication of a Chlorine Analyzer system

Our Analyzer packages are custom designed to fit into any water treatment application including industrial wastewater and commercial water treatment where total or free chlorine detection is imperative for regulatory and safety requirements. Work with our application engineers to design a monitoring system tailored to your system specifications.

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Chemical Feed Systems

Triplex Chemical Feed Skid with pumps mounted and ready to install.

Our custom Chemical Feed Skids are ready made packaged solutions engineered to your system’s specifications. With customizable parts including pumps, valves, piping and more, we guarantee a reliable chemical delivery system that will meet your needs. Our certified application engineers will help you identify the perfect configuration for for your chemical delivery system and, as always, offer training and support upon installation and throughout ownership.

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Chemical Mixer Station

Chemical Mixing Station assembled and mounted.

The Chemical Mixer Station is designed to blend chemicals with a water supply at a consistent rate as the flow changes.  As more spray bars, hose bibs, through valves or devices come on downstream, the flow rate will vary.  The chemical mixer station will ensure the chemical dose remains consistent throughout the flow range as operating conditions change.

Fertilizer Injection Systems

Pre-packaged filter injection system mounted on a skid and ready to ship

Furrow Pump’s pre-engineered, pre-packaged fertilizer injection systems are designed to handle fertilizer injection for any size or type of growing operation.

Double Wall containment Tanks

Double Containment Tank Schematic - Furrow Pump

Double wall containment tanks add protection against spills caused by tank failure. Furrow Pump tank designs offer simplified chemical handling, continuous chemical feed, and small footprints for the best and most economical chemical storage solutions.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Furrow Pump’s remote monitoring and control systems are ideal for remote pump house or chemical feed station applications. The systems connect via cell line or the internet to allow troubleshooting or adjustments from your smartphone or computer.

Waste Treatment, pH Adjustment, and Monitoring

Furrow Pump helps you identify unique plant challenges and then designs a system to solve those challenges, including stopping discharge if out of compliance, monitoring and adjusting pH automatically, sounding alarms when attention is required, tank level adjustment.

Let us design the best system for your application.

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