Myron L ORP/Redox

Designed exclusively for Myron L® 720 Series II pH and ORP monitors / controllers.



pH 0-14 pH
Offset (ZERO): 7.00 ±0.2 pH (±12 mV)
Span: Better than 95% of theory; i.e., 56.2
and 59.2 mV.
ORP: ±2000 mV
(REDOX) Offset (ZERO) — ±12 mV


  • Built-in isolated preamp guarantees accurate, trouble-free operation.
  • Temperature Sensor built-in for automatic temperature compensation (may be disabled as required).
  • All sensors are double-ended MNPT for simple in-line or submersion applications.
  • All sensors are pH/reference, or ORP/ reference, or a combination of the two.
  • CPVC/Ryton® bodies assure compatibility in most applications.
  • All sensors are completely encapsulated and sealed.
  • Sensor cable may be extended without problems.
  • All ORP sensors have an extended tip Platinum electrode except “F” models.
  • Heavy Duty “F” models may be installed in ANY direction, including inverted.

Myron L ORP Sensor
Model Number Description Price
O72D ORP?Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2 MNPT, KNO3 Gel $394.5
O72F ORP?Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2" MNPT, Flat Tip, HD $491
O72LC ORP?Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2" MNPT Low Cond $364.5
O72S ORP?Sensor, Combination, Single Junction, 1/2" MNPT, KCL Gel $378.5
O74CR ORP?Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT Low Cond Call for Pricing
O74DR ORP?Sensor, Combination,Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT, KNO3 Gel $394.5
O74FR ORP?Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT, Flat Tip, HD $491
O74SR ORP?Sensor, Combination, Single Junction, 3/4" MNPT, KCL Gel $378.5