Myron L Ultrameter II Wireless data transfer

The bluDock U2CI wireless data transfer for Ultrameter II™ Instruments.


The bluDock U2CI Wireless Data Transfer for Ultrameter II™ Instruments.

Automatically organizes data by record number, measurement parameter, value and units, solution mode, temperature; date, and time.
• Export to Office** software (Word**, Excel**, Works**, etc.) using universal formatting (.csv) files.
• Catalog data by source by assigning instrument names.
• Set instrument time and date.
• Clear instrument memory.
• Easy to install software available from CD or website.

The bluDock U2CI™ application will operate on Windows XP, Vista, and 7**; and Macintosh OSX***. If you are running an older operating system, contact the Myron L Company.
A wireless USB adapter (dongle) is included for Mac or PC platforms
that do not have built-in Bluetooth* wireless communication capabilities.
If a replacement dongle is required, one can be ordered separately. Order Model: BDDO
NOTE: The bluDock module is a fully qualified Bluetooth® 2.1/2.0

Myron L bluDock Wireless
Model Number Description Price
BLUDOCK Wireless Data Transfer Module F/ULTRAMETER II $284.5