LMI DM7000 Controller

Multi-parameter controller provides conductivity, pH, and ORP control


Water treatment just got easier with LMI’s Liquitron DM7000 Series controller. When paired with an LMI metering pump, the controller’s 7-inch (17.8 cm) full-color touchscreen and the intuitive user interface provides seamless setup and operation. This single controller combines all the application functionality of the four Liquittron standard controllers: DC4000, DC4500, DR5000, and DP5000. The Liquitron DM7000 Series is fully equipped and ready to control your boiler, cooling tower, pH, and ORP applications out of the box.


  • The multi-parameter controller provides conductivity, pH, and ORP control
  • Available with (optional) cloud-based LMI Connect™, Smart Monitoring Service Technology provides process analytics and mobile access
  • Durable NEMA 3R housing and clear cover provide a protective enclosure for challenging environments
  • Easy to install, configure, monitor, and maintain
  • Accurate and reliable performance ensures a consistent result

7000 Series Multi-Parameter Controller
Model Number Type Input Power Display Pump Power Price
DM7000 Multi-parameter Controller 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 7" Capactive Touch Hardwired or Pigtails Call for Pricing