LMI Chemical Agitators

Chemical agitators for slow speed mixing applications.


LMI’s agitators with fractional horsepower motors fit 35 and 50-gallon tanks.

  • Compatible to fit with 35 and 50-gallon tanks
  • 115V and 230V models available
  • Impellers available in Neoprene R and epoxy coated stainless steel
  • Mounting hardware included

LMI Agitators
Model NumberDescription
34504Agitator, 27" SS shaft & impeller, 230v
27591Agitator, 27" SS shaft & impeller, 115v
10590Agitator, 34" SS shaft & impeller, 115v
25290Agitator, 34" SS shaft & impeller, 230v
10592Agitator, 34" SS shaft, Neoprene Impeller, 115v
25292Agitator, 34" SS shaft, Neoprene Impeller, 230v
10591Agitator 24" SS shaft & impeller 1/20HP