Polymer Chemical Feed Systems

Polymer Systems

The MixMate® Polymer Feed System is an engineered product of proven mechanical design that activates and blends polymers into water. It has a two-stage mixing system that provides the necessary energy of activation to prepare a polymer for efficient use, and it does it for a very affordable price. Most of us don’t need the complication of an elaborate and expensive system that fouls easily and is difficult to clean. Give the Mixmate system a try – you’ll be amazed by its guaranteed performance.

MixMate® Configurations

Our most popular Polymer Feed Systems, MixMate®, incorporate either one or two flowmeters to regulate the flow of the system water supply, followed by our unique Injection Module and a specially prepared Static Mixer. The flowmeters control primary make-up water flow or secondary dilution water when needed. The Injection Module converts pressure into workforce, speeds up the primary flow, atomizes the polymer (providing an emulsion break when called for), and is the first mixing stage of the system. The Static Mixer is the second of the two mixing stages, where the individually trimmed mixer elements help to minimize fouling while blending and re-seeding the product to activate it for your application.

Mixmate Basic System

Mixmate Polymer Feed Basic System

Mixmate with Flowmeters

Mixmate Polymer Feed System with Flowmeters

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