Sensorex Online Process Sensors

Ideal for wastewater monitoring applications.


Industrial operations that discharge effluent into sewer systems, lakes, or streams are required to neutralize effluent prior to discharge. State and Federal requirements vary, but non-compliance may result in fines and other consequences. Sensor requirements will vary based on the type of effluent being treated. pH probes that can either be reconditioned or easily replaced are generally ideal, as wastewater may contain contaminants that quickly wear out pH probes.

Light-Duty Sensors: ph6000, S222CD

Moderate Duty Sensors: s272CD

Heavy-Duty Sensors: SD7000CD, SD7420CD, SD7500CD

Sensorex Online Process ph Sensorex SD7000
Model Number Description Price
PH6000 Comb pH Sensor, 10 FT, Clear BTD BNC $99.75
S222CD pH Sensor, 12mm, Polymer, DJ, BNR $103.00
S272CD pH Sensor, Flat, 3/4" NPT, PPS $172.50
SD7000CD pH Sensor, Differential,Replace GLI/Hach $671.25
SD7420CD pH Sensor, Differential, 4-20 Output $792.00
SD7500CD pH Sensor, Differential,Battery Powered $719.75