Sensorex Laboratory Glass Sensors

Glass pH electrodes offer the greatest chemical compatibility.


pH1400 (formerly SG201C)

  • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
  • Glass body withstands harsh chemicals
  • Refillable reference for an extended working lifetime
  • Use with any meter accepting BNC


  • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
  • Glass electrode body provides maximum chemical compatibility
  • Double junction design prevents reference contamination
  • Refillable reference junction allows sensor maintenance, saving replacement costs
  • BNC boot protects meter connection


  • Flat electrode measurement surface
  • Double junction reference protection
  • Reinforced meter connection
  • Low maintenance sealed gel reference design
  • Compatible with any meter accepting BNC


  • High accuracy, temperature-responsive measurements (pH 0-14)
  • Chemically inert glass body
  • Double junction reference prevents contamination
  • Refillable pump junction helps users easily extend sensor lifetime
  • Reinforced meter connection allows use in wet and corrosive environments

Sensorex laboratory glass pH Sensor
Model Number Description Price
PH1400 Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Blue BNC $115.75
PH2400 Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Clear BTD BNC $135.5
PH2500 Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Clear BTD BNC $174.25
PH3400 pHASE Renew pH Sensor, 39" (1M), BNC $292