Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

Vendors: Seametrics
Seametrics EX Series Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

SeaMetrics provides a large product line of insertion-style electromagnetic flowmeters.  The EX80 series meters are designed for use in 1″ to 12″ pipe sizes and are available in brass, 316 stainless steel and PVC materials.   Common applications for the EX80 series include industrial processes, difficult applications with changing viscosities and pulsating flows, use with conductive fluids, fertigation and with chemical metering pumps.   Special fittings are required to ensure correct depth placement in the pipe.  Fittings for this series such as saddles and weldolets may be purchased either locally or through Seametrics.  The EX100/200 series meters are easily depth adjustable for 3″-48″ (up to 72″ optional) pipe and are available with hot tap.   These magmeters are ideal for use in “dirty” applications where debris would foul a mechanical meter.  This series is commonly used in clean or dirty liquids, conductive liquids, in municipal, industrial or irrigation applications.