Myron L TechPro II

Measure conductivity, TDS, pH, and temperature.


Obtain reliable and accurate measurements of your water source with the value-priced TechPro II™. Ideal for water treatment testing, as well as other industrial and commercial applications.

The TechPro II is handheld, lightweight, and simple to operate. Measuring conductivity, TDS, pH, and temperature, the highly stable circuitry delivers the accurate readings needed to assure product quality, prevent equipment damage, or verify in-line instrumentation in a wide range of applications.

Features include:

  • Waterproof & Buoyant
  • Keypad Calibration
  • 0 – 20,000 µS / ppm & 0 – 14 pH
  • Long Life Internal Electrodes
  • Full 4 Digit Display
  • Auto Temperature Compensation to 25°C/77°F

MyronL TechProII
Model Number FDA 510(k) Display Conductivity PH ORP Free Chlorine Dissolved Oxygen Temp. Price
TP1 No Digital Yes No No No No Yes $921.50
TPH1 No Digital Yes Yes No No No Yes $1292.50