Myron L PoolPro

Comprehensive high-performance tool designed to simplify pool and spa water quality control.


PoolMeter™ is a high-quality analog instrument that measures TDS/NaCl/ Salt. Both PoolPro models feature innovative, user-friendly features and functions that make it easy to manage parameters critical to disinfection, water balance, system maintenance, and compliance.

PoolPro is lightweight, portable, buoyant, waterproof, easy-to-calibrate, and easy-to-use. Simply rinse and fill the cell cup by dipping the PoolPro in the water, then press the button of the parameter you wish to measure. You immediately get a standard, numerical digital readout — eliminating all subjectivity. And you can store up to 100 date-time-stamped readings in PoolPro’s non-volatile memory.

Myron L PoolPro
Model Number FDA 510(k) Display Conductivity PH ORP Free Chlorine Dissolved Oxygen Temp. Price
PS6FCE No Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes $1439
PS9TKA No Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Call for Pricing
PS9TK-BDA No Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Call for Pricing