Sensorex TX pH Controllers

pH controllers and ORP transmitters in save spacing designs.


Save space with Sensorex pH controllers and ORP transmitters. Choose from the many TX Series models in the chart below.

Sensorex pH Controller TX Series
Model Number Description Price
TX10 pH Controller, 4-20mA Output, 110-220V AC Po Call for Pricing
TX100 pH/ORP Xmtr, 4-20mA, VDC, 1/4 DIN $527.59
TX20 pH Controller, 2 Relays, 110-229V AC Power, 1 $459.75
TX2000 pH/ORP Xmtr, 4-20mA, Relays, VAC,1/4 DIN $1012.75
TX2000RS pH/ORP Xmtr, 4-20mA+Modbus, VAC, 1/4 DIN Call for Pricing
TX3000 pH/ORP Xmtr, 4-20mA,VAC, Relays, 1/2 DIN Call for Pricing