Pressures from 8-150 psi (350 optional).


LMI back pressure valves prevent siphoning and varying rates of dosage from fluctuating downstream pressure by enacting positive discharge pressure in your metering pump system.

Inside the valve is a diaphragm held in place by a spring, which is pressure set. When the pressure exceeds the PTFE diaphragm is pushed up, and material flows through the valve to the injection point. The valves are set at 50psi but are easily adjusted in the field.

  • CNC precision-machined parts.
  • Cost-effective and reliable.
  • Pressures from 8-150 psi (350 optional).
  • Variety of materials available.
  • Anti-syphon protection.
  • Fine pressure adjustment.
  • Optional air release and gauge port.

LMI Back Pressure Relief Valve Sigmamotor
Model NumberMfg.DescriptionConnection Size/TypeMaterial
35637LMIBack Pressure Valve1/4" NPTPVC
35638LMIBack Pressure Valve1/4" NPTPolypropylene
35846LMIBack Pressure Valve1/4" NPTPVDF
35847LMIBack Pressure Valve1/4" NPTStainless Steel
35641LMIBack Pressure Valve1/2" NPTPVC
35642LMIBack Pressure Valve1/2" NPTPolypropylene
35850LMIBack Pressure Valve1/2" NPTPVDF
35851LMIBack Pressure Valve1/2" NPTStainless Steel
35856LMIBack Pressure Valve1" NPTPVC
35857LMIBack Pressure Valve1" NPTPolypropylene
35858LMIBack Pressure Valve1" NPTPVDF
35859LMIBack Pressure Valve1" NPTStainless Steel