Furrow Pump stocks J.L. Wingert’s high and low-speed electric mixers, agitators, bypass feeders, sample coolers, glycol feeders, coupon racks, and chemical feed packages and systems.

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Separator equipment is useful in removing solids as part of water and wastewater treatment applications.

Drum Mixers/Agitators


Furrow Pump stocks high speed, 1725 rpm general purpose mixers/agitators for 10, 35 and 50 gallon tanks. Depending upon your application, tank lids can be drilled for ease of installation and use.

Bypass Feeder

Bypass Feeders

Bypass feeders introduce treatment chemical into liquid streams.

Chemical Feed Accessories

Chemical Feed Accessories

Furrow Pump distributes Chemical Feed Accessories to help enhance and protect the operation of your chemical metering pumps.