Furrow Pump stocks Seametrics complete line of flow meters for line sizes from 1/4″ to 72″ including magnetic, turbine, pulse and paddlewheel. Seametrics flowmeters totalize, monitor flow rate, batch size and give proportional outputs to pumps, recorders, or other devices. Seametrics timers, counters, and other accessories top off their comprehensive line of flow control products.

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iMAG Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The iMAG-Series is the most economical flanged electromagnetic flowmeter on the market. It is used in 3″ to 12″ pipe in municipal or industrial water, wastewater, pump stations and packaged plant applications. The iMAG has no moving parts with electrodes designed to discourage fouling. This magmeter requires much less frequent maintenance in applications where debris … Read More

iMAG 4700, iMAG 4700r and iMAG 4700p flanged flowmeter

Seametrics IMAG 4700

Furrow Pump is pleased to stock the new Seametrics iMAG 4700 series flanged electromagnetic flowmeters! These new mag meters are the most powerful on the market at this price point. Features: Easy setup Minimal straight pipe Mounted or remote rate & total Tamper-evident seal NSF-61 approved IP68 rated The right meter for: Water & Wastewater Treatment … Read More


SeaMetrics Flowmeter Family

We are a stocking manufacturer’s representative and master distributor for Seametrics, producer of magnetic, turbine, paddle wheel flowmeters and inline bronze flowmeters for flow measurement.

Seametrics jWAVE Ultrasonic Flowmeter

transducer and phones-Seametrics

An easy-to-use ultrasonic flowmeter that sends data to your mobile device via bluetooth! Transit time ultrasonic flow meter Clamp-on, portable transducer Download the jWAVE app on your iOS or Android portable devices Wireless bluetooth connection sends readings directly to your device Accuracy within 1%-2% of reading 0.1% to 0.3% repeatability Zero pressure drop Installs on … Read More

Submersible Pressure Transmitter, EcoPRO and EcoPRO+, Seametrics


    EcoPRO and EcoPRO+ 4-20mA Submersible Pressure Transmitter   Features Pressure (temperature optional on EcoPRO+) ± 0.1% FSO accuracy (EcoPRO+) ± 0.25% FSO accuracy (EcoPRO) Lower power (9-30Vdc) Small diameter—0.75″ (1.9cm) 1/4″ NPT end cone adapter option (300psi max.)   The EcoPRO and EcoPRO+ pressure sensors are rugged and accurate with great noise immunity, … Read More

Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

Seametrics EX Series Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

The EX80 & EX100/200 Series of Insertion-Style Magmeters have no moving parts, are economical and are easy to install and maintain.

Magnetic Low Flow Flowmeters


The PE202 Low Flow Magmeter is designed for use with low flow applications, corrosive material, chemical injection and pulsating flows created by chemical metering pumps.

Full-Line Turbine Flowmeters

Full-Line Turbine Flowmeter

This unique system of 2″ to 8″ turbine meters uses just one moving part, a jewelled bearing precision helical rotor.  These WT series turbine meters are available in stainless steel, carbon and PVC for chemical compatibility.  This unit is commonly used in applications such as water treatment, wastewater treatment, cooling water monitoring and industrial fluid … Read More

Magnetic Full-Line Flowmeters

Seametrics WMP and WMX Magnetic Full-Line Meters

The WMP and WMX series of magmeters are used in applications where propeller meters have typically been used in the past.

Flow Computer

FT400 Series

The FT430/440/450 flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator transmitters that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total, and also generate output signals representing flow.  Please note:  These computers now replace the FT415/420.  The FT430 and FT450 have one scaled pulse output and one pulse pass through. The FT440 has … Read More

Batch Controller

FT520 Batch Controller

Batch and regeneration flow processor and/or high/low flow rate and water usage monitoring feature.

Pulse Divider

PD10W Pulse Divider

The PD10 is an accessory for pacing electronic metering pumps used mainly for lowering frequency of high frequency meters.



Furrow Pump carries a wide variety of accessories for your application needs.