Static/In-Line Mixers

Mixmate Static Mixer

Furrow Pump manufactures a series of in-line static mixers from 1/4″ to 2″ pipe diameters. Lengths are available from 7″ to 20″ with single or dual elements.

Chemical Feed Station

Chemical Feed Station

Our Chemical Feed Station is great for supplemental feed or secondary disinfection stations. 15 or 50 gallon systems include day tank, lid, isolation valves, spill containment, semi-flooded suction, calibration column, pump mounting bracket, degassing and prime return to tank. Redundant/dual feed and other options offered. Call us today to discuss your application, (503) 682-4411.

Polymer Feed Systems

Furrow Pump Polymer Systems

Furrow Pump specializes in Polymer Systems designed for your specific application. Learn how to choose the perfect polymer make-down system for your system in this article “Polymer Make-Down Systems Made Easy” or call us anytime with questions, (503) 682-4411

Customized Systems


Furrow Pump specializes in engineered chemical metering systems. Call us today to collaborate on a solution for your challenging application, (503) 682-4411.

Mixmate Polymer Feed System


The Mixmate® Polymer Make-Down System is an easy-to-use, low maintenance method of hydrating emulsion polymer using the kinetic work available in pressurized city water. The Mixmate® produces nearly instant hydrated emulsion polymer from 1.0% through 0.2%. The Mixmate® is: Simple: No moving mechanical parts Compact: Wall mounted unit with compact batch system Available: Typically ships within … Read More