Sensorex SD7000 series is in stock at Furrow Pump!

We’re excited to tell you about this new technology from Sensorex! It’s time to update your systems with a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to Hach/GLI and Water Analytics/Aquametrix analog 5-wire pH and ORP sensor models. More information here.

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The ABC’s of ORP – Clearing up some of the mystery of Oxidation-Reduction Potential

Clearing up some of the mystery of Oxidation- Reduction Potential By Robert W. Lowry and David Dickman Reprinted from Service Industry News This is another in a continuing series of articles that Service Industry News is presenting on pool and spa sanitation, water balance and test methods. Although it is firmly based on sound, scientific … Read More

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)/Redox & Free Chlorine – Myron L Application Bulletin

Application Bulletin WHAT IS ORP? Oxidation Reduction Potential or Redox is the activity or strength of oxidizers and reducers in relation to their concentration. Oxidizers accept electrons, reducers lose electrons. Examples of oxidizers are: chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, ozone, and chlorine dioxide. Examples of reducers are sodium sulfite, sodium  bisulfate  and  hydrogen sulfide.  Like acidity … Read More

Automation of Disinfection Process Using ORP Reduces Chlorine by 32%

Environmental Science & Engineering – March 2003 by Max Rao, P.Eng., Indachem Inc. & Christine Thibeault, City of Greater Sudbury Operator accesses the control system at the Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant (below). The City of Greater Sudbury, with a population of 155,000, is located 390 kilometres north of Toronto. At 3,627 square kilometres including water bodies, … Read More

ORP Sensor Technical Education

What Is “ORP”? ORP is an abbreviation for for Oxidation Reduction Potential, also know as REDOX, and is a useful measurement for monitoring and controlling chemical reactions. Oxidation: addition of oxygen/reduction of electrons Reduction: reduction of oxygen/addition of electrons Characterisitics of ORP: Non-specific measurement of total activity mV output allows automated control of chemical reactions … Read More

Treating Water at ORP Speed, Monitoring ORP leads to Successful Treatment

By Mike Ross Oxidation reduction potential (ORP), also known as redox, is the measurement of a solution’s oxidizing and reducing activity. The ORP process can be likened to stock-market activity: whenever one material is oxidized, another material is reduced (for someone to purchase a share, another person must sell that share). Fire is an example … Read More