Sensorex SD7000 series is in stock at Furrow Pump!

We’re excited to tell you about this new technology from Sensorex! It’s time to update your systems with a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to┬áHach/GLI and Water Analytics/Aquametrix analog 5-wire pH and ORP sensor models. More information here.

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ORP Sensor Technical Education

What Is “ORP”? ORP is an abbreviation for for Oxidation Reduction Potential, also know as REDOX, and is a useful measurement for monitoring and controlling chemical reactions. Oxidation: addition of oxygen/reduction of electrons Reduction: reduction of oxygen/addition of electrons Characterisitics of ORP: Non-specific measurement of total activity mV output allows automated control of chemical reactions … Read More

Treating Water at ORP Speed, Monitoring ORP leads to Successful Treatment

By Mike Ross Oxidation reduction potential (ORP), also known as redox, is the measurement of a solution’s oxidizing and reducing activity. The ORP process can be likened to stock-market activity: whenever one material is oxidized, another material is reduced (for someone to purchase a share, another person must sell that share). Fire is an example … Read More