Introducing the Seametrics iMAG Series

Seametrics is introducing the new iMAG Series of economically priced flanged electromagnetic flowmeters.  Used in 3″ to 12″ pipe for municipal or industrial water, wastewater, pump stations and packaged plant applications.  The iMAG is the first magmeter to incorporate Seametrics’ EcoFloMAG Technology.  This new technology will provide customers with a flexible platform that will be integrated across … Read More

ORP Sensor Technical Education

What Is “ORP”? ORP is an abbreviation for for Oxidation Reduction Potential, also know as REDOX, and is a useful measurement for monitoring and controlling chemical reactions. Oxidation: addition of oxygen/reduction of electrons Reduction: reduction of oxygen/addition of electrons Characterisitics of ORP: Non-specific measurement of total activity mV output allows automated control of chemical reactions … Read More