Laboratory Glass Sensors

Glass pH electrodes offer the greatest chemical compatibility.


pH1400 (formerly SG201C)

  • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
  • Glass body withstands harsh chemicals
  • Refillable reference for extended working lifetime
  • Use with any meter accepting BNC


  • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
  • Glass electrode body provides maximum chemical compatibility
  • Double junction design prevents reference contamination
  • Refillable reference junction allows sensor maintenance, saving replacement costs
  • BNC boot protects meter connection


  • Flat electrode measurement surface
  • Double junction reference protection
  • Reinforced meter connection
  • Low maintenance sealed gel reference design
  • Compatible with any meter accepting BNC


  • High accuracy, temperature responsive measurements (pH 0-14)
  • Chemically inert glass body
  • Double junction reference prevents contamination
  • Refillable pump junction helps users easily extend sensor lifetime
  • Reinforced meter connection allows use in wet and corrosive environments

Sensorex laboratory glass pH Sensor
Model NumberDescription
PH1400Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Blue BNC
PH2400Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Clear BTD BNC
PH2500Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Clear BTD BNC
PH3400pHASE Renew pH Sensor, 39" (1M), BNC