Combination-Differential Sensors

2 electrode combination and 3 electrode differential pH sensors


Combination pH Sensors

The most common method of measuring pH is to use an electrochemical pH sensor. Combination pH sensors are a type of electrochemical pH sensor that features both a measuring electrode and a reference electrode. The measuring electrode detects changes in the pH value while the reference provides a stable signal for comparison. A high impedance device, known as a pH meter, is used to display the millivolt signal in pH units.

Differential pH Sensors

Compared with a typical combination pH probe, differential pH sensors work slightly differently. While combination pH sensors have 2 electrodes, a measuring, and a reference electrode, differential pH sensors have 3 electrodes. In the differential design, 2 electrodes measure pH differentially with respect to a third metal ground electrode. This design has the advantage of preventing reference fouling, making it ideal for industrial applications like wet scrubbers.

MANUFACTURERS: Myron L Company, Sensorex
Sensorex Differential Sensor
Model NumberDescription
P72SpH Sensor, Combination, Single Junction, 1/2" MNPT, KCL Gel
P72DpH Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2 MNPT, KNO3 Gel
P72LCpH Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2" MNPT Low Cond
P72FpH Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 1/2" MNPT, Flat Tip, HD
P74SRpH Sensor, Combination, Single Junction, 3/4" MNPT, KCL Gel
P74DRpH Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT, KNO3 Gel
P74CRpH Sensor, Combination,Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT Low Cond
P74FRpH Sensor, Combination, Double Junction, 3/4" MNPT, Flat Tip, HD
DA650CDpH Sensor, Diff Amp, Submersion
DA650CDHFpH Sensor, Diff Amp, Submersion, HF
DA651CDpH Sensor, Diff Amp, Submersion, HT
DA651CDHFpH Sensor, Diff Amp, HT, Submersion, HF
DA651CD-KNO3pH Sensor, Diff Amp, Submersion, HT,KNO3
DA660CDpH Sensor, Diff Amp, for 3/4"
DA661CDpH Sensor, Diff Amp, for 1"
DA662CDpH Sensor, Diff Amp, for 2"
DA660CDHFpH Sensor, Diff Amp, 3/4", HF
DA661CDHFpH Sensor, Diff Amp, for 1", HF
DA662CDHFpH Sensor, Diff Amp, for 2", HF
DA660CD-LCpH Sensor, Diff Amp, 3/4", LC
PH2100Comb pH Sensor, 39" (1M), Clear BTD BNC
PH2200pH Sensor w/Piercing Tip, Clear BTD BNC
S1021CDpH Sensor, pHASE,12mm,Polymer,Refillable
S450CpH Sensor, Flat, 15mm, Polymer
S450CDpH Sensor, Flat, 15mm, Polymer, DJ
S651CDpH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, HT, Submersion
S656CDpH Sensor, Flat, CPVC, for Insertion