Mixers & Level Controls

Vendors: Furrow Pump, Flowline, LMI, J. L. Wingert Company

Furrow Pump stocks mixers and level controls from industry leaders Flowline and JL Wingert, and the company manufactures its own line of static inline mixers for chemical storage and chemical feed systems.

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Drum Mixers/Agitators


Furrow Pump stocks high speed, 1725 rpm general purpose mixers/agitators for 10, 35 and 50 gallon tanks. Depending upon your application, tank lids can be drilled for ease of installation and use.

Static/In-Line Mixers

Mixmate Static Mixer

Furrow Pump manufactures a series of in-line static mixers from 1/4″ to 2″ pipe diameters. Lengths are available from 7″ to 20″ with single or dual elements.

Level Controls

LMI and Flowline level controls and accessories are available through Furrow Pump.