Flow Computer

Vendors: Seametrics
FT400 Series

The FT430/440/450 flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator transmitters that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total, and also generate output signals representing flow.  Please note:  These computers now replace the FT415/420.  The FT430 and FT450 have one scaled pulse output and one pulse pass through. The FT440 has two scaled pulse outputs. Galvanic isolation is provided for most pulse outputs.

The FT450 is battery powered while the FT430 may be powered by an external DC power source or an optional internal AC power supply*. The FT440 is a “two-wire” or “loop powered” device, meaning that it is powered by the 4-20 mA loop circuit itself. An optional internal AC power supply* is available for the FT440 with dual 24 and 12VDC outputs to power both the loop and sensors requiring more power than the loop can supply.

Pulse and 4-20mA analog outputs can be used to signal external devices, e.g. certain metering pumps and water treatment controls. Alternatively, one or more pulse outputs can be configured as alarm outputs. These flow computers can be password protected to prevent resetting the total or changing configuration settings.

The FT430/440/450 meters are available in wall and meter mount configurations. The FT430 and FT440 models can also be panel mounted. Some configurations can be converted from wall to meter or meter to wall after installation if needed. Consult Furrow Pump for details.

Order the FT440 only if a 4-20mA output signal is a requirement and the FT450 if internal battery power is needed. Otherwise the FT430 offers the most flexibility.

*Internal power supply is available for the wall mount option only.