Solenoid Chemical Metering Pumps

Vendors: LMI, Roytronic
LMI Chemical Pumps

LMI’s family of solenoid-driven chemical metering pumps have a rugged, totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing for protection in the harshest environments.   The familiar yellow and black pumps with encapsulated electronics and a rigid housing and stroke bracket ensure years of precise, repeatable performance.  Pump liquid ends include an advanced design fitting system for secure, leak-proof tubing and NPT connections to allow for ease of configuration.  Features available:   High Viscosity, FastPrime™ and AutoPrime™ liquid ends, several control options for all applications and budgets, outputs from 0 to 310 gph, pressures up to 1000 PSI, external & manual speed control, up to 1000:1 turn-down ratio.  Explosion proof and 12VDC models are also available.

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