Ultrasonic Flow Meter, jWAVE, Seametrics – Bid Specs


Ultrasonic Flow Meter


All ultrasonic meters furnished shall be manufactured by a registered ISO 9001 quality standard facility. All meters are to be manufactured in the USA. Meters supplied shall be from a US based company that has manufactured water meters for at least ten (10) years and who distributes ultrasonic flowmeters as indicated in these specifications.


Meters shall be of the ultrasonic flow meter type.

Flow Range Capacity

The capacity of the meters in terms of normal operating range shall be:

Bi-directional: 0.1 ft./sec. to 20 ft./sec. (0.03 m/sec to 6 m/sec.)

Pipe Size

The minimum pipe size range of the meters shall be 2” to 20”


Ambient Temperature: -20° to 150° F (-29° to 65° C)

Fluid Temperature: -20° to 150° F (-29° to 65° C)

Pressure drop: Zero

Installation: 10 diameters upstream; 5 diameters downstream for optimal performance

Environmental: IP65


Body Material: Anodized aluminum channel, Acetal end housings and feet

Mounting Strap Material: EPDM

Transducer material: PEI (Polyethermide thermoplastic)

Power Requirements

Rechargeable battery (up to 12 hours) (1W max) 150 mAmp max current

Flow Display

English and Metric units available on app



Meter Serial Number

The meter serial number shall be imprinted on the flow meter.

Accuracy: 1% to 2% of reading

Repeatability: 0.5%

Output Capability

Output Signal: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE) connectivity to iOS or Android device



Acceptable meters shall be Seametrics jWAVE or approved equal.