Low Flow Magmeter, PE202, Seametrics – Bid Specifications




Electromagnetic Low-Flow Meter Specification


All magmeters furnished shall be manufactured by a registered ISO 9001 quality standard facility. All meters are to be manufactured in the USA.  Meters supplied shall be from a US based company that has manufactured water meters for at least ten (10) years and who distributes all types and size magnetic flowmeters as indicated in these specifications.


Meters shall be of the magnetic flow meter type.


The capacity of the meters in terms of normal operating range, maximum continuous flow, and maximum head loss:


Size Normal Operating Range (gpm) Maximum Continuous Flow (gpm) Maximum Head Loss at Max Cont. Flow (psi)
3/8 “ .03 – 3 3 <1
3/4” 0.2 – 20 20 <1



The size of the meters shall be determined by the nominal size (in inches) of the opening in the inlet and outlet flanges. Overall lengths of the meters shall be as follows:


Meter Size Lay Length without adaptors
3/8” 4.2”
3/4” 4.2”



Ambient Temperature: 0° to 130° F (-18° to 54° C)

Fluid Temperature: 32º to 200º F (0º to 93º C)

Pressure rating: Suitable for use in water systems with up to 150 psi normal operating pressure.

Empty Pipe Performance: Hardware/software, conductivity based.

Straight pipe requirement: 0 upstream and 0 downstream.

Low Flow Cutoff: The transmitter/display, if used, shall automatically drop the flow rate displayed and outputs to zero when the flow rate is below the minimum rated flow range for that meter size.

Mounting position: Meter can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Adaptors: Polypropylene or PVDF.

Flow Tube/Liner: PVDF.

Electrodes: PVDF Carbon Fiber Filled.

Meter Housing: Meters shall be constructed of HDPE and designed to meet NEMA 4X (IP66) environmental conditions.




1-15 Vdc, 150 mA



Factory calibration: All meters shall be factory calibrated.  A copy of the report for each meter shall be furnished with the meter.



1/2” MNPT PVDF fitting connections.



The meter serial number shall be imprinted on the flow body.



Registration accuracy shall be +/-1%, plus +/- .005 GPM of reading across the rated range (-075).

Registration accuracy shall be +/-1%, plus +/- .002 GPM of reading across the rated range (-075).



Minimum conductivity shall be 20 micro-Siemens.



All meters shall be equipped with a opto-isolated current sinking or current sourcing pulse output .30 Vdc, 5 mA max and an opto-isolated 4-20 mA current loop; 7 Vdc plus load voltage drop min, 50 Vdc max.



Acceptable meters shall be Seametrics PE202 or approved equal.