Rate/Total Indicator, FT400 Series, Seametrics – Bid Specs




Seametrics FT430/440/450


All indicators furnished shall be manufactured by a registered ISO 9001 quality standard facility. All indicators are to be manufactured in the USA. Indicators supplied shall be from a US based company that has manufactured indicators for at least ten (10) years and who distributes all types and flow transmitters as indicated in these specifications.


Indicators shall be of the digital type.


The capacity of the indicators, in terms of normal operations, shall provide rate, total, and pulse output at a minimum.


Operating Temperature: -32° to 131° F (0° to 55° C)

Non-Operating Temperature: -40° to 158° F (-40° to 75° C)

Rate Display: 5-digit auto-range, 0.65” (16.5mm) character height

Rate Units: Gallons/second/minute/hour/day; Liter/second/minute/hour/day; Cubic Feet/second/minute/hour/day; Cubic Meters/second/minute/hour/day; Miner’s Inch; Mega Liters/day; Million Gallons/day; Fluid Oz/second/minute/hour/day

Flow Totalizer: 8-digit, 0.75” (19.1mm) character height

Total Units: Gallon, Gallon x 1,000, Liters, Mega Liter, Cubic Meter, Acre feet, Acre Inch, Cubic feet, Cubic Feet x 1,000, Million Gallon, Miner’s Inch, Fluid Ounce

Pulse output Range: 0.1 – 99999.9 units/pulse

Input: 5V pulse or contact closure (FT430/440) (Micro-power GMR Sensor; square wave, FT450)

Input Range: 2 KHz Max (FT430/440); (550 Hz; FT450)

K-Factor Range: 0.001 – 999999.999

Flow Alarm Output Range: 0.1 – 99999.9

Password protection for tampering prevention

Low Battery Warning (FT450): A low battery warning shall be displayed when the battery has a minimum of two weeks remaining use.


Housing shall be made of a 30%, fiber reinforced, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

Dimensions wall mount: 4.77” wide x 4.33” deep x 3.37” high


Indicator Serial Number

The indicator serial number shall be imprinted on the flow transmitter.

Power Requirements

FT430: 7-30 Vdc, 4mA

FT440: 7-30 Vdc, 4mA (4-20) mA when loop-powered

FT450: Lithium “C”, 3.6 Vdc, replaceable battery. Life expectancy ~5 years depending on usage.


4-20 mA loop; 24-30 Vdc

Protective hinged cover

Non-resettable total

Built-in 120/240 Vac/12/24 Vdc dual power supply (FT430W/FT440W only)

Built-in 120/240 Vac/12 Vdc single power supply (FT430W only)

Tamper evident security seal


Indicator shall be rated NEMA 4X (IP67)


Indicator shall be CE approved



Acceptable meters shall be Seametrics FT430/440/450 or approved equal.