Glycol System, J. L. Wingert – Engineering Specifications





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1.0) AUTOMATIC GLYCOL FEED PACKAGE shall consist of a polyethylene tank, hinged polyethylene lid, carbon steel frame, NEMA 4X control panel, low level float switch, 1/3HP open motor bronze rotary vane pump with internal relief valve, pressure switch, relief valve, check valve, Schedule 80 PVC plumbing and vinyl braided hose.


2.0) TANK AND FRAME: Polyethylene tank shall be industrial grade with a nominal wall thickness of 1/4″. Shoebox type lid shall be 1/3 the diameter hinged with 304 stainless steel piano hinge and 316 stainless steel rivets. Tank frame shall be constructed of carbon steel with bracing for plumbing and control panel. Tank frame shall have 12 GA pump mount shelf and be coated with water based enamel paint.
2.1) PUMP: Pump shall be close coupled with internal pressure relief valve. Standard pump will be capable of 1.6GPM @ 100PSI. Pump motor is 1/3HP, 110/120V, 1 phase, 60 hertz, open drip proof type and will be wired to control panel.
2.2) PRESSURE SWITCH: Pressure switch shall be Square D brand series 9013, designed for pressures as indicated in table. Pressure switch will be pre-wired to the control panel to turn the pump on and off based on rising and falling pressure settings. (Check one.)

 1 (10-40 cut-in, 20-60 cut-out, 10-30 pressure differential)
 2 (40-80 cut-in, 65-100 cut-out, 20-40 pressure differential)
 3 (3-10 cut-in, 9-30 cut-out, 6-20 pressure differential)
 D (0-149 cut-in, 1-150 cut-out, 1-149 pressure differential)

2.3) CONTROL PANEL: Polycarbonate NEMA 4X control panel shall be of ample size for equipment needed and servicing of electrical components. All exterior components shall be rated NEMA 4X and installed per manufacturers instructions. Wiring and wiring diagram shall be color-coded for easy trouble shooting. All internal wire shall be 16-gauge minimum. Controls are, but not limited to, main power switch and indicator light, pump hand/off/auto switch and indicator light, and red low-level indicator light.
2.4) PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Pressure relief valve shall be Conbraco, 16-501-01 model. Constructed of bronze with a nitrile diaphragm.
2.5) CHECK VALVE: Back flow check valve shall be a soft seat design. Bronze construction with stainless steel spring and raised radius valve seat for positive seal.
2.6) LOW LEVEL SWITCH: Polypropylene low level switch shall be interlocked with pump feed and low level indicator. Low level will stop all pump operations when level falls below the factory set point.
2.7) OPTIONAL FEATURES: (Check all that apply.)

 1/2HP PUMP: Pump shall be close coupled with internal pressure relief valve. Pump will be capable of 3.6GPM @ 100PSI. Pump motor is 1/2HP, 110/120V, 1 phase, 60 hertz, open drip proof type and will be wired to control panel.
 AUDIBLE ALARM: Audible alarm shall be 95 decibel @ 10FT with silence switch, which will sound on low level.
 DRY CONTACT: Dry contact shall be SPST NO switch, which is wired to level switch for control room signal.
 HIGH TEMP MANIFOLD: Carbon steel discharge manifold assembly with brass pressure relief valve and steel check valve for applications with fluid temperature over 85° F (29° C) or ambient temperature over 95° F (35° C).

3.0) WARRANTY: Wingert Glycol Feed Packages are guaranteed for one year from the date of shipment against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship which develop in the service for which they are designed. We will repair or replace defective material when returned to our factory with transportation prepaid: providing that the material is found to be defective upon inspection. We assume no liability for labor and/or other expenses in making repairs or adjustments. All replacements will be F.O.B. factory.

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