Filter Feeders


Wingert Filter Feeders eliminate the need for a separate bypass feeder and filter – all in one space-saving, valve limiting design. As rugged and dependable as our complete line of bypass feeders, the filter feeder offers ease of installation with precise filtering capabilities down to 25 microns. Wingert Filter Feeders are available in both flat and dome bottom models.


  • Up to 200 PSI (13.6 Bar) at 200° F (90° C)
  • 2, 5 & 12-gallon capacities
  • Flat Bottom in Regular or High Capacity
  • Dome Bottom in Regular or High Capacity
  • Standard 25 micron filter included, other ratings available upon request
  • Custom configurations may be requested



Model Number Capacity (Gallons) Filter Type Epoxy Coating?
F-DB-12HD 12 Bag No
F-DB-2HD 2 Bag No
F-DB-5HD 5 Bag No
F-DB-5HD/EK2 5 Bag Yes
FHC-DB-2HD 2 Bag No
FHC-DB-5HD 5 Bag No
FHC-DB-12HD 12 Bag No
F-12HD 12 Bag No
F-2HD 2 Bag No
F-5HD 12 Bag No
FHC-2HD 2 Bag No
FHC-5HD 5 Bag No
FHC-12HD 12 Bag No
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