GGU (with Union Connection)

Ensures optimal pressures are maintained - includes union connector.


Griffco diaphragm gauge and instrument isolators are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems. The addition of gauges to the system ensures optimal pressures are maintained. Diaphragm isolators protect instruments against chemical attack.

Features include:

  • Reliable Instrument Protection
  • Will Perform in Any Position
  • Molded Noryl Top
  • 316 SS Gauge Connection
  • Wide Range of Materials
  • Calibration Screw for Zeroing
  • Multiple Diaphragm Options
  • Available With or Without Gauge
  • No Metal Fasteners

Model Number Mfg. Size Material Gauge Class Pressure (psi)
GGU025P11 Griffco 1/4" PVC Economy 160
GGU050CP24T Griffco 1/2" CPVC Mid Range 200
GGU050CP31T Griffco 1/2" CPVC Premium 160
GGU050P11 Griffco 1/2" PVC Economy 160
GGU050P21 Griffco 1/2" PVC Mid Range 160
GGU050P23 Griffco 1/2" PVC Mid Range 100
GGU050P31T Griffco 1/2" PVC Premium 160
GGU050P33 Griffco 1/2" PVC Premium 100
GGU050P33T Griffco 1/2" PVC Premium 100
GGU050P34T Griffco 1/2" PVC Premium 200