Standard Solutions

The conductivity Standard Solutions are used for factory calibration.


Conductivity Standard Solutions are used for factory calibration. Regular use of these solutions is recommended to ensure specified instrument accuracy. The frequency of conductivity recalibration depends upon use, but once every month should be sufficient for an instrument used daily.

442 Natural Water™ Standard Solution is the best choice when measuring boiler and cooling water samples, city water supply, lakes, wells, etc. “442” refers to the combination of salts mixed with deionized water to comprise this standard: 40% sodium sulfate, 40% sodium bicarbonate, 20% sodium chloride. A combination of standard salts is necessary since natural water salt type and concentration can vary greatly by location.

NaCl Standard Solution is offered to calibrate instruments that measure any sample that is predominately NaCI (sodium chloride), such as sea water, brackish water, etc. 

KCl Standard Solution is used to calibrate conductivity instruments that read directly in microsiemens (micromhos) or millisiemens (1000 microsiemens). KCI (potassium chloride) is a very stable salt and is an international calibration standard for conductivity measurement.


MANUFACTURERS: Myron L Company, Sensorex
Model NumberMfg.Description
S020Sensorex3.5M KCl Refill Solution, 4 oz.
S020MSensorex3.5M KCl Refill Solution, 4 oz.
CLDA-5015SensorexCLO2 Refill Solution, Ver 5, (2) 30mL
SDS-7015SensorexStandard Cell Refill Solution, 125mL
SDS-7025SensorexStandard Cell Refill Solution, 250mL
SDS-7050SensorexStandard Cell Refill Solution, 500mL
NACL-14.0QMyron LConductivity/TDS Calibration Solution,14.00 mS, QT
KCL-18002OZMyron LConductivity Solution, 1800 mS, 2 oz
KCL-18000QMyron LStandard Solution, 18,000/18.00 mS, Qt
KCL-1800QMyron LStandard Solution, 1800 mS, Qt
KCL-180QMyron LStandard Solution, 180 mS, Qt
KCL-18QMyron LStandard Solution, 18 mS, Qt
KCL-70000QMyron LStandard Solution, 70,000/70 mS, Qt
KCL-7000QMyron LStandard Solution, 7000 mS, Qt
KCL-700QMyron LStandard Solution, 700 mS, Qt
KCL-70QMyron LStandard Solution, 70 mS, Qt
442-15000QMyron LStandard Solution, 1500 ppm, Oz
442-1500QMyron LStandard Solution, 1500 ppm, Qt
442-30000QMyron LStandard Solution, 3000 ppm, Oz
442-3000QMyron LStandard Solution, 3000 ppm, Qt
442-300QMyron LStandard Solution, 300 ppm, Qt
442-30QMyron LStandard Solution, 30 ppm, Qt
442-500QMyron LStandard Solution, 500 ppm, Qt
442-30000GMyron LStandard Solution, 30,000/30 ppt, Gl
442-1000QMyron LStandard Solution, 1000 ppm, Qt
TDS-442-15QMyron LTDS Solution, 15 ppm, Qt
TDS-442-150QMyron LTDS Solution, 150 ppm, Qt
S018Sensorex3.5M KCl/AgCl Gel, 6 oz
S017Sensorex3.5M KCl/AgCl Solution, 4 oz
FCLA-7007SensorexCalibration Solution for FCLA-7000
TDSK18/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 11.4ppm/18uS-Gallon
TDSK18/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 11.4ppm/18uS-Pint
TDSK18SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 11.4ppm/18uS-Quart
TDSK180/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 116.5ppm/180uS-Gallon
TDSK180/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 116.5ppm/180uS-Pint
TDSK180SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 116.5ppm/180uS-Quart
TDSK1800/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 1294ppm/1800uS-Gallon
TDSK1800/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 1294ppm/1800uS-Pint
TDSK1800SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 1294ppm/1800uS-Quart
TDSK18000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 16,462ppm/18,000uS-Gallon
TDSK18000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 16,462ppm/18,000uS-Pint
TDSK18000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 16,462ppm/18,000uS-Quart
TDSK70/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 45ppm/70uS-Gallon
TDSK70/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 45ppm/70uS-Pint
TDSK70SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 45ppm/70uS-Quart
TDSK700/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 478ppm/700uS-Gallon
TDSK700/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 478ppm/700uS-Pint
TDSK700SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 478ppm/700uS-Quart
TDSK7000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Gallon
TDSK7000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Pint
TDSK7000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, K Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Quart
TDS1000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1000ppm/1417uS-Gallon
TDS1000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1000ppm/1417uS-Pint
TDS1000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1000ppm/1417uS-Quart
TDS15000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15000ppm/16630uS-Gallon
TDS15000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15000ppm/16630uS-Pint
TDS15000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15000ppm/16630uS-Quart
TDS1500/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1500ppm/2060uS-Gallon
TDS1500/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1500ppm/2060uS-Pint
TDS1500SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 1500ppm/2060uS-Quart
TDS150/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 150ppm/229uS-Gallon
TDS150/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 150ppm/229uS-Pint
TDS150SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 150ppm/229uS-Quart
TDS15/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15ppm/23.8 uS-Gallon
TDS15/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15ppm/23.8 uS-Pint
TDS15SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 15ppm/23.8 uS-Quart
TDS30000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30000ppm/30100uS-Gallon
TDS30000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30000ppm/30100uS-Pint
TDS30000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30000ppm/30100uS-Quart
TDS3000/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 3000ppm/3900uS-Gallon
TDS3000/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 3000ppm/3900uS-Pint
TDS3000SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 3000ppm/3900uS-Quart
TDS300/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 300ppm/445uS-Gallon
TDS300/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 300ppm/445uS-Pint
TDS300SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 300ppm/445uS-Quart
TDS30/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30ppm/46.7uS-Gallon
TDS30/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30ppm/46.7uS-Pint
TDS30SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 30ppm/46.7uS-Quart
TDS500/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 500 ppm/731uS-Gallon
TDS500/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 500 ppm/731uS-Pint
TDS500SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 500 ppm/731uS-Quart
TDS5687/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Gallon
TDS5687/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Pint
TDS5687SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 5687ppm/7000uS-Quart
TDS9523/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 9523ppm/10000uS-Gallon
TDS9523/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 9523ppm/10000uS-Pint
TDS9523SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Mixed Salt, 9523ppm/10000uS-Quart
TDSNa14/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt, 7864.7ppm/14,000uS-Gallon
TDSNa14/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt, 7864.7ppm/14,000uS-Pint
TDSNa14SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt, 7864.7ppm/14,000uS-Quart
TDSNa13.4/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt,7501ppm/13,4000uS-Gallon
TDSNa13.4/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt,7501ppm/13,4000uS-Pint
TDSNa13.4SensorexConductivity Standard Solution, Na Salt,7501ppm/13,4000uS-Quart
TDSNa12.5SensorexConductivity Standard Solution,Na Salt, 6956 ppm/12,500uS -Quart
TDSNa12.5/GSensorexConductivity Standard Solution,Na Salt, 6956 ppm/12,500uS-Gallon
TDSNa12.5/PSensorexConductivity Standard Solution,Na Salt, 6956 ppm/12,500uS-Pint
DO6016SensorexDO Electrolyte - 1 Gallon
DO7002SensorexDO Electrolyte for DO7200 Series, 500ml
DO1202SensorexDO1200 Electrolyte 4 ounce bottle
DO1204SensorexDO1200 Electrolyte Solution, 1 Pint
FCLA-4015SensorexFCL4 Refill Solution, 2ea, 30ml
FCLA-5015SensorexFCL5 Refill Solution Kit, 30ml
S019SensorexSaturated KNO3 Gel, 6oz(150ml)
S021SensorexSaturated KNO3 Solution, 4 oz.
S016/GSensorexSoaker Bottle Solution, 1 Gal
S016SensorexSoaker Bottle Solution, 1 Pint (473 ml)
S026SensorexSoaker Bottle Solution, 1 Qt
TCSTXSensorexToroidal Conductivity Xmtr, 4-20mA, Display