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What Makes Furrow Pump Repair Different?

We don't just sell chemical equipment, we repair it too. We stand by our products for the long haul, working with you to repair your parts when possible, and replace them when needed.

We're your long-term partner in the chemical equipment industry.

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We Saved this City Thousands of Dollars, Find Out How!

A small city in the Pacific Northwest contacted us to replace their 90 gph motor-driven pumps. But our chemical equipment experts spotted a cost savings without being asked.

By asking some questions and relying on 40 years of experience, we were able to recognize that an equipment change would still meet city regulations but save thousands of dollars.

The city was using pumps that required maintenance on the bearings every six months, costing time and money. It turns out, these 90 gph pumps were only using 5% of their capacity. They were meeting the emergency regulations for 83gph of chlorine, but the low usage outside of emergencies was wearing the ball bearings to dust.

LMI recommended a new equipment plan that met all regulations while saving the engineers and staff time, energy and most importantly, money. The city saved thousands on a yearly basis. In the five years since, they've been thrilled with the positive results.

When customers have chemical pump problems, Furrow Pump solves them. We understand the technical demands of chemical equipment applications and formulate a plan to solve your problem. We love it when we can make your job easier!

Does your current chemical equipment vendor look out for you?

“Furrow Pump isn’t just a vendor, they’re a business partner.”

-Gary Snider, Wolmanized Wood, Kalama, WA

"Recently a customer of mine had a moldicide pump fail and they needed a replacement, fast. It was late afternoon, and Furrow Pump went out of their way to make sure the replacement was drop shipped to my customer, overnight. I look at Furrow Pump as more of a business partner than a vendor.

If we're trying to design or research something for a new system, they're certain to be involved."

We Are Your Partner for the Entire Life of Your Chemical Equipment.

We'll find you the right part—no second guessing.

We'll have it in stock, and ship it fast and as cheaply as possible.

We'll service your parts, instead of selling you a new one you don't need.

We'll improve your process and equipment plans, saving you time and money.

Rely on us to be your trusted partner, always ready to help.

“Because they give us such accurate information, we can save our customers' money.”

-Nan Sciulli, Superior Technology & Supplies, Waipahu, HI

"Shipping isn't cheap these days. If suppliers aren't careful how they pack things, we can get charged a lot of extra money. Furrow Pump gives us all the info we need to get accurate freight quotes. We are able to save our customers a lot of money in shipping. Honestly, their service is just—I have to use the word 'tremendous!'"

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