Basic pH System Questions


To pull together a pH system for you, we’ll need to ask some questions to understand what your water is like, how much there is to treat, and the standard you want it treated to. The more we can learn about your water, from its source to its point of discharge, the better we’ll be able to do for you. Please try to answer the questions that apply to your application.

1. Your water source:

  • Where does your water come from? (City water supply, ground water, well, other…)
  • What can you tell us about the nature of your water? (Water test, pH, basic character…)

2. What you do with your water:

  • Will you be treating a raw water directly from its source, or will it be a process water or wastewater?
  • If it is a process water, what would you like done with it?
  • If it is a wastewater, what have you put into it? Please give us a description of your wastewater (pH, color, solids, temperature, water test, etc. — basically, anything you’ve got.)
  • Are there any special considerations we should be aware of? (Oil, proteins, heavy metals, abrasives, sulfur, cyanide, other…)

3. Your water flow and plumbing:

  • Is your flow constant or intermittent?
  • If you are going to treat a raw water or a process water, what is the line size, the plumbing material, and the water pressure?
  • Do you have a flowmeter that provides an output signal?
  • If you have a wastewater, tell us about your collection system. Is there a place for adequate mixing to occur? Do you have any existing tankage? What about pumps or any other water-handling equipment?
  • Do you have occasional surges, or dumps, of either high or low pH water?

4. Your output water:

  • What is the target pH for your water? If it is a wastewater, what is your effluent “window” for pH discharge?
  • Is your pH treatment system voluntary, or are you under regulatory supervision? If you are being watched, do you need to record your effluent pH? Do you need a “fail-safe” system?

Tell us your whole story. What else do we need to know to do the best possible job for you? The more we know, the better our shot at putting together a successful, economical, and practical pH treatment system right from the start. And we’ll stick with you to insure that your system works effectively. Give us a call or send a message.