Basic Chemical Pump Questions

Answering some of these questions will help us to select a chemical pump suited to your application.


What are you pumping?

Chemical name
Chemical concentration
Specific gravity (or density)
Suction lift or flooded suction?


How much would you like to pump and in what time frame?

Example: “I only need to pump a gallon.” (but what type of time frame, a minute or an hour) Is this amount the maximum or are your needs likely to change?


What pressure are you pumping against?

Open discharge (minimal pressure)
In-line application
Discharge plumbing fiction
No pressure


What accessories will you need to complete your chemical feed system?

Chemical storage tank
Pump mounting shelf
Flowmeter (proportional feed)
Control equipment (pH, cooling tower, boiler, disinfection, ORP, conductivity, resistivity)
Tanks, stands, mixers
Package system


Any other information about your unique application will be helpful in finding the best pump for you.