Basic Chemical Pump Questions


Answers to these questions, or even some of them, will help us to select a chemical pump suited to your application.

1. What are you pumping?

  • Chemical name
  • Chemical concentration
  • Specific gravity (or density)
  • Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Suction lift or flooded suction

2. How much would you like to pump, and in what period of time?

  • “I only need to pump a gallon at a time.” (Yes, but in a minute or in an hour?)
  • Is this amount a maximum, or are your needs likely to change?

3. What pressure, if any, are you pumping against?

  • Open discharge (minimal pressure)
  • In-line application
  • Discharge plumbing friction loss

4. What accessories, if any, will you need to complete your chemical feed system?

  • Chemical storage tank
  • Pump mounting shelf
  • Flowmeter (proportional feed)
  • Control equipment (pH, cooling tower, boiler, disinfection, ORP, conductivity, resistivity)
  • Tanks, stands, mixers
  • Package system