Sensorex manufactures industrial and laboratory pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Sanitizer Sensors (Amperometric- Free Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide) as well as sensor customization to tailor to your specific application requirements.

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There are no engineering specifications for Sensorex products available through our website. Please call us for more information.

Follow links below for vendor-specific downloads.

Sensorex SD7000CD and SD7000CD-ORP

Sensorex sd7000

The Sensorex SD7000CD and SD7000CD-ORP sensor technology is a great new option for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and neutralization; metal finishing and plating, wet fume scrubbers; chemical processing; and other online water quality and process applications. Call the experts at Furrow Pump for more information! 800 937 3666 The Sensorex SD7000 series at a glance: Extended electrode … Read More

Sensor – ORP

sensorex pH electrode family

Sensorex ORP electrodes are designed for nearly all ORP applications.  Probes are available in CPVC and PVDF to ensure solvent capability, with or without ATC as well as four mounting styles are available to provide optimal ease of use .  They are also available in special configurations for applications with low ionic strength, for hydrofluoric … Read More

Sensor – pH

sensorex pH electrode family

Sensorex Electrodes are designed for nearly all pH applications from low ionic strength to ground loop interference situations.