LMI’s Roytronic line of Solenoid Chemical Metering Pumps features a new robust design with the advanced features and high end performance you can expect from LMI.  Choose from 3 control options, pumps include a locking cover, NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosure, Stoke indicator light, On/Off push button, new Industrial grade IP-68 external signal/equipment interface and inputs for low level switch available on certain models.  The Roytronic liquid ends feature:  a new AutoPrime liquid end that eliminates air binding when used with chemicals that will gasify; a new 4 Function Valve with swivel mount that allows flexible orientation; a new tubing connection system for secure and leak-proof tubing connections; a FastPrime Standard liquid end that enables easy start-up;  and both single and double ball checks for improved pump efficiency.

Solenoid Chemical Metering Pumps

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Solenoid Chemical Metering Pumps operate over a very broad output range. Within each model’s specified range, LMI pumps are very accurate and easily controllable.

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