Vendors: Blue-White, Seametrics
SeaMetrics Flowmeter Family

Electromagnetic and mechanical meters can be used for the measurement, sensing, monitoring and control of water flow and are the most common and popular way to measure flow electronically.  From low to high flow applications our meters are flexible to fit the requirements of your specific needs.  Our flowmeters are durable and easy to maintain. Please call Furrow Pump if you have any questions or need with your application.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters


Ultrasonic flowmeters measure the flowrate of any fluid in which sound waves can travel. This method eliminates moving parts, and no part of the measuring equipment touches the fluid. Overall, these sonic flowmeters work with little maintenance, a great addition to many applications!

Variable Area Flowmeters


Variable area flowmeters are mechanical devices that measure flowrate of liquids or gases installed vertically in a pump application. They are sometimes used as a backup to digital flowmeters since they won’t fail due to power loss. We stock a wide variety of variable area flowmeters for many application types.

Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

Seametrics EX Series Magnetic Insertion Flowmeters

The EX80 & EX100/200 Series of Insertion-Style Magmeters have no moving parts, are economical and are easy to install and maintain.

Magnetic Low Flow Flowmeters


The PE202 Low Flow Magmeter is designed for use with low flow applications, corrosive material, chemical injection and pulsating flows created by chemical metering pumps.

Full-Line Turbine Flowmeters

Full-Line Turbine Flowmeter

This unique system of 2″ to 8″ turbine meters uses just one moving part, a jewelled bearing precision helical rotor.  These WT series turbine meters are available in stainless steel, carbon and PVC for chemical compatibility.  This unit is commonly used in applications such as water treatment, wastewater treatment, cooling water monitoring and industrial fluid … Read More

Magnetic Full-Line Flowmeters

Seametrics WMP and WMX Magnetic Full-Line Meters

The WMP and WMX series of magmeters are used in applications where propeller meters have typically been used in the past.

Flow Computer

FT400 Series

The FT430/440/450 flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator transmitters that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total, and also generate output signals representing flow.  Please note:  These computers now replace the FT415/420.  The FT430 and FT450 have one scaled pulse output and one pulse pass through. The FT440 has … Read More

Batch Controller

FT520 Batch Controller

Batch and regeneration flow processor and/or high/low flow rate and water usage monitoring feature.

Pulse Divider

PD10W Pulse Divider

The PD10 is an accessory for pacing electronic metering pumps used mainly for lowering frequency of high frequency meters.