Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves

Griffco manufactures Back Pressure and Pressure Relief Valves.

Calibration Columns


Griffco Calibration Cylinders are available in PVC and borosilicate glass.

Submersible Pressure Transmitter, EcoPRO and EcoPRO+, Seametrics


    EcoPRO and EcoPRO+ 4-20mA Submersible Pressure Transmitter   Features Pressure (temperature optional on EcoPRO+) ± 0.1% FSO accuracy (EcoPRO+) ± 0.25% FSO accuracy (EcoPRO) Lower power (9-30Vdc) Small diameter—0.75″ (1.9cm) 1/4″ NPT end cone adapter option (300psi max.)   The EcoPRO and EcoPRO+ pressure sensors are rugged and accurate with great noise immunity, … Read More